About Cmmercial Factors

Nowadays everything goes online; therefore, it is safe to say that the time of Generation C or Generation Connected has come. They are people, for whom modern technologies are a big part of their life and not only for entertainment. Generation C shops online, makes consultations online instead of visiting offices, and books bank services online. They live online, and the popularity of global social networks such as Facebook and Twitter directly proves it. Gene C is not an age-dependent factor, but a way of life under the slogan ‘Be Connected’. Generation C has no clear age limits, and it is not defined by income level, education, social status or nationality.


Analysts predict that the share of Generation C consumers will soon be the largest on the market.


This information suggests that it is necessary to make Generation C interested in your website by making your website plain, comfortable, simple, and above all reliable so that they can make your online business successful. All these factors define the commercial relevance or commercial potential of your website.

Commercial relevance is a combination of website parameters, which make your website the most convenient or suitable for online shopping.

GetGoodRank experts have carefully analysed modern online consumers to define parameters that attract Generation C; however, website verification will define the parameters that worsen the users’ experience, reduce confidence and result in lower conversion rates.


List of key factors:

  • Design
  • Confidence
  • Website Quality
  • Usability
  • Comments Option and Social Networks Integration


Commercial relevance


The GetGoodRank service enables you to evaluate your website from the potential user’s perspective. In addition, service experts will give you simple stepwise recommendations on how to improve your website.


Google uses state assessors to teach the search algorithm how to define parameters that influence users’ confidence, in order to estimate which websites deserve higher ranking. Google’s assessors have a special scale for evaluating every parameter (the lowest, lowest+ to high+, and the highest).


GetGoodRank uses Google metrics to evaluate websites according to the scales used by assessors, thereby maximally conforming to the process of website evaluation and ranking that is used by Google. Results data are processed and adapted by our own algorithm, MarksNet, and this uses complex formula to calculate the final value of website parameters.


This evaluation of commercial relevance allows you to improve your website and raise the trust levels of Generation C when they visit your website. People spend more time on the websites they like and trust; therefore, improving commercial factors promotes websites to Google Top, which in turn keeps your website in a leading position.


Google ranks trusted websites higher.


Assessors evaluate each resource by clearly specified scheme


Users’ confidence is the major factor that determines commercial potential. Parameters that directly influence users’ confidence are:

  • Usability = Simplicity, availability, functionality
  • Design = Simplicity, quality, and meeting the standard of businesses
  • Assortment and Product Availability = Ultimate coverage of user’s needs
  • Contact information = Openness of the company to users
  • Absence of Irrelevant Advertising Links = The Company cares about the user and respects the needs and interests of the target audience
  • Minimum of ads Above Fold Line = Proper UI
  • Terms and Methods of Payment = Trustworthy financial partners
  • Terms and Delivery Method = Trustworthy commercial courier, local pickup centres, and availability of delivery for every user
  • Multichannel Consumer Support and Others = Openness, helpfulness, and responsiveness
  • Discounting and On-Promo Offers = Proper brand image management

The official Google Blog includes website trustworthiness in its vital quality parameters. Website trustworthiness can be defined by answering this question: Would you be comfortable giving your credit card information to this website?


Commercial relevance is a rather new parameter. It influences website ranking indirectly, but mainly defines users’ trust and improves conversion rates. However, you can be sure that your website will live up to the expectations of Generation C when you are able to evaluate its commercial potential and improve your website to match the needs of the user.


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